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What is wrong with my profile


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Hi! i gave a quickly look in your gig.

  • I recomend you to be more direct.

  • In this part: " Many writers are confused on when to use (…)". I think this is a statement that is unecessary.

  • Revise the comas and space after them. If you say that you are an experienced person in writing, your gig must reflect that.

  • Another thing is that you started saying “Thanks”. It could be a nice thing to put in the end.

  • I liked the “WHY YOU SHOULD CHOOSE ME” part.

  • I recomend to make a video. It increases engagement.

I hope that my observations help you in any way, and good luck! 😄

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You only joined this month.
Be patient and promote your gigs.
Have you check your impressions? Click and View?

My review:

  1. Your gig thumbnail is not attractive.
  2. You have 5 gigs, and 4 of them offer same service, article for blog and website. This is a bad move. It’s makes you less professional, just a newbie with less experience. Try to widen your gig offer
  3. Put your real profile image. With Pure White Background. It could build trust feeling when people see your face.

Wish you luck,

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