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Valentine's Day is now finished, time to get ready for St.Patrick's Day!


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So since I did pretty OK with the Valentine’s edition with my clothesline gig, I decided to

work on a St.Patrick’s day edition.

Are there people out there working on St.Patrick’s stuff??

I do remember back in elementary school where we all dressed in green,

made cut-out 4 leaf clovers and a put of gold out of construction paper…

but aside from that I don’t really remember “how” we celebrated it.

In fact I guess it’s kind of weird to celebrate St.Patrick’s day in the states, maybe??

How do people celebrate it in Ireland??

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Cool! 😃

I wish I had a nice voice so I can do voiceovers in Japanese and English

but I don’t have the tools plus I hate my own voice 😛 I’m jealous of people

who can do them!

After ST.Patrick’s there’s Easter so I’m sure I’ll do something with that too,

but hmmm…what can come after Easter I wonder…

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I am not crafty at all but someone had a great idea at my bar last year. They made kilt beer cozy’s with plaid fabric. So cute. Anyways I think its just about drinking (green beer and Irish Car Bombs) and wearing green and plaid and listening to bag pipes. If you can figure out a gig to do with that… good luck. 🙂

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