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How to identify fake buyers

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Last week A buyer knocked me and said that he lost all his money on lottery tickets and ask me to do his job for $1. When I have refused him he said that- he will report me to get banned from my account and I was just shocked and report him. But I really don’t know how to handle this type of spammers.
I need suggestions about it.

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I'm also curious about this. I received 3 emails in the last day or so from sellers needing work done. Of course my Fiverr inbox is empty but my emails take me to the Fiverr website so I can look at my account. I guess what worries me is they all want you to go onto Telegram to message a different person for the job details....... this seems ultra phishy to me.


Heres an example of just 1 of them. Can anyone suggest a route I can take to verify that this is a legit buyer?

Hi andrewsbiz970,
aepuh67 left you messages:

We are looking for a freelancer to copy type some English books, if you're interested please kindly message the project supervisor to get the project details. Using the usernam on T-e-l_ e_g-r-a-m //t.me/Katrinawo and message the supervisor for the project informations. Thank you!!
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On 6/14/2020 at 12:33 PM, tahira_jannat said:

he lost all his money on lottery tickets

Even if that were true that's not your problem. A person who wants you to work for free isn't a spammer but will be the biggest headache you'll have.


On 6/14/2020 at 11:05 AM, hazel_justin131 said:

$5+ unlimited revision+24 hour delivery

That's not necessary an indication that's a spam or scam, however I agree with you that you should always avoid this kind of buyer.


41 minutes ago, andrewsbiz970 said:

go onto Telegram to message

Have you read Fiverr's TOS?

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I often get messages from potential buyers who are looking for someone to hire for their project. This means that they expect you to contact them outside Fiverr, either on Discord, s***e, Instagram and whatnot, in order to discuss it in detail in a place that feels more convenient to them. In my opinion, these clients are not particularly trustworthy anyway, if we consider they're proposing something that isn't even listed in your gig page(s). It gives off the impression that they are mainly seeking workers for low-budget and short-term jobs, so beware of buyers like that (their account will be banned anyway, generally they SPAM sellers with the same copy-pasted text and reach as many people as they can).

Other buyers are not really a SCAM per say, but just with poor English skills that will make communication hard, or expect you to do things a certain way without bothering to check your full gig description.


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Hello @alphonseanie

Hope you are well.

Firstly we welcome you onboard Fiverr and we wishing you all the luck for your Fiverr journey..!

For the question asked, it is very trendy and collectively debating where everyone can share their views as we are damn sure most of the sellers have conquer this question and situation. Going inside, there are many way-out and not fixed pattern to encounter the buyer's source whether it is real or fake. Kindly go through some points which can be helpful :

a. You can see the buyer's history (if applicable) and with what type of sellers he/she has worked with and what experience they carry in reviewing the seller.

b. I totally agree with @shalockwhere you can see that if buyer is asking for any services lower then your dedicated service pricing, then it cannot be SPAM buyer but it will surely make you crazy if you lock that buyer to work with. Always make a good habit to NOT go down with your dedicated pricings. As you are charging for the quality work and quality cannot be bargained.

c. Again a good point to share views by @shalockis that Fiverr TOS is very important and for all seller (new or rated ones) it should be well understood. Each and everything you do in FIverr, NEVER EVER go beyond the TOS. If any message/buyer is telling you to contact outside Fiverr for doing business, straightaway tell NO..!

d. Rest, FIverr has fantastic algorithms set within itself where it locks/blocks the buyer's with any suspicious activity or messages. You can surely rely on them.

Hope this clears directions for your question. Attached is the link to TOS (Terms of Services) Fiverr. Read and Print it in your heart as it has every defined rules for any processes in FIverr.


Happy Fiverring @alphonseanie

Best | Art_Tribe


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6 hours ago, tamimhasnat said:

They will be new in the marketplace 

I agree with all your points except this one. I admit that a new profile is more likely to be a scammer, however, I've worked a lot of times with new users and had a wonderful experience, so this one have to be considered carefully, more like to complement the other three points.

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