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  1. I knocked Fiverr Support. They reviewed the order and I have got my order completion rating back. Thanks to all of you to give me such meaningful advice and of course Fiverr support for being so much responsive. I am happy now 😊
  2. I am so sorry. But why they do that. These things mean a lot to us as a seller. 😔
  3. I will do that for sure and thanks so much
  4. Okay I will definitely do that. Thanks so much
  5. Thanks so much for such great advice. I wish i know that a day before 😦
  6. Hi Experienced People, Hope you all are doing great! I am a level one seller. I haven’t received any order for the last three months but I got 2 orders back to back. I have completed one with 5 stars but another buyer has cancelled the order after a few hours and he said that he has solved the issue. I did nothing wrong with him and I was able to do the job but sadly my order completion rate went down. Now I want help with all the experienced people here that- How do I avoid this type of situation?? And How to know this type of buyers? Is there anything that I can do in my favour? also, How can I get more orders to improve the order completion rate or to keep the level one badge? Thanks in advance. Regards Tahira Jannat
  7. I am facing the same issues. How can I improve my gig searching?
  8. I am doing it. But it’s not helping. I loosing hope 😦
  9. I am also not getting any order for the last 3 months after getting level one badge. I am searching how can I get new orders. Can anyone help with this matter?
  10. Hi Fiverr Community, I hope you all are doing well! My OS was suddenly crushed and had to install a new OS. If I log in my Fiverr account in different OS in the same pc, can there be any problem with my account? Please help me with this issue. It will be a great help and I will oblige you. Thanks
  11. I have checked the messages again and fiverr automatically mark the messages as spam. Thanks to everyone for the suggestions.
  12. I don’t know how but it’s already showing in the spam messages.
  13. Hi Fiverr Community, I hope you all are doing well! I have received some suspicious messages and it says like, “I want to share with you an urgent offer. I am a widow and suffering from the Coronavirus pandemic. I have inherited some funds from my late husband. if you would be able to use it for the work of humanity…” I don’t respond but I want to know that is it harmful to my account anyway? Should I take any step against this? Please give me suggestions about this and thanks in advance. Regards Tahira
  14. Last week A buyer knocked me and said that he lost all his money on lottery tickets and ask me to do his job for $1. When I have refused him he said that- he will report me to get banned from my account and I was just shocked and report him. But I really don’t know how to handle this type of spammers. I need suggestions about it.
  15. Hi Fiverr Community, I hope you all are doing well! I am facing an issue nowadays. My gig views and clicks are decreasing day by day. It’s like no one has seen my gigs. If any one can help me to increase the views and clicks it will be a great help and I will oblige you. Thanks
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