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Request: Airbnb function to allow "Instant booking" or not

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Ex-Top Rated Seller here… I have had 4 cancellations in the past month because people do not read my message in the description of each gig “IMPORTANT: PLEASE MESSAGE ME BEFORE ORDERING” causing my “completed jobs %” to drop and lower me down to a level 2 seller - despite the fact that I have maintained all other criteria at 100% for over a year.

Airbnb has a function that allows the host to choose to either allow “Instant booking” or not. It makes sense to give the Airbnb hosts the control over who stays in their property. I believe it also makes sense to give Fiverr sellers the same control over whom they decide to work with.

For the love of freelancers - please give the sellers a little bit more control! You can still be the future of work 🙏

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Hello, several posts have mentioned they would like to have this feature. I doubt if it will happen since fiverr offers instant placing of an order as one of it’s main advantages. To allow sellers to choose if they want to accept an order means there would be a delay while the one who placed the order had to wait to see if his order was accepted by the seller.

So overall it would be a bad experience for someone who wants to place an order.

Also it would require giving buyers the option to instantly cancel the order when they see they have to wait to have it accepted.

Internet sales are a 24 hour a day business. It never stops or closes. So we can get orders while we sleep. It’s an advantage to both buyers and sellers. It’s a trade off therefore between getting a decent number of orders around the clock, or getting to choose which ones you want to accept. Most likely most buyers wouldn’t want to wait to see if they have been accepted.

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