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  1. This is my current situation, have you experienced this before? I made it clear on my profile status that I’m currently weak. I’m weak because I’m asthmatic and this is the part of the year when my body reacts more to environmental changes. I indicated that every buyer should contact me b4 order. Though this buyer contacted me, he didn’t indicate that he needed extra fast delivery. Instead of placing an order on fast delivery option, he ordered a 7 days normal package. When I came from my kingdom hall today. Buyer already raised a dispute for order cancellation saying I’m wasting time even when we are still on the forth day. The buyer did everything wrong, he didn’t tell me that he needed it earlier than 7days, he didn’t order an extra fast delivery package. I’m just a level 1 seller, yielding to his destructive request will drop my ranking straight away. In fact my completion rate will Change from 100% to 75% What am I doing Wrong with my clients? why should someone be trying to ruin my ranking by canceling when it is not yet time? I responded by saying I’ll do the job tomorrow and submit b4 the day ends but he insisted on canceling the order. He simply said, I want to cancel Sorry I need to cancel
  2. The great rule on fiverr here is “Never give up!!” No one achieves success by giving up. Giving up is an advancement in failure Rather then success. Your gigs can still experience a revolution. I have experienced several weeks without sales however, I will never give up. When the sales come, I enjoy them, when they don’t I put in effort.
  3. When you edit, you may disappear from the search result for a while
  4. Terrible people trying hard to hurt you, contact support
  5. I guess you know the solution to the problem already.
  6. Drive real organic traffic from your target audience to get buyers. This will also make the algorithm favour you
  7. I totally agree with you, reselling scammers ask for samples just to steal your works and present them as theirs.
  8. Hello there!! You are welcome to Fiverr fellow poet. I started my writing carrier through poetry. I got published in several literary magazines. Till now People read my poems by Google searching my name. I look forward to reading your creative writings. You are welcome to fiverr
  9. You are welcome to the best freelance market
  10. Who told you this? Where did you get this figure please? I see a lot of video-less gigs on page one everyday.
  11. Not always, I had some buyers who requested for revisions and where impressed with the way it was delivered. Therefore. Giving a fantastic review.
  12. I’m not sure, but I don’t think it’s a bad idea as long as that friend is not off fiverr. Fiverr will still get the share they deserve. I stand to be corrected though! But I guess making a misleading recommendation by presenting an amateur as a pro is not appropriate and might result in serious sanctions. I stand to be corrected, I’m not an authority here.
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