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  1. Yes this buyer had ordered me . I thought he wanted to know about the past buyers . And really this is a good idea … Thanks for sharing this … 😀
  2. Did you profile image removed after logging in your account ?
  3. Check this tips . And You are welcome 😀 Best Of Luck
  4. As @ammarshrf told If you have completed the order as your gig description then I also think you should deliver the order .
  5. When you will delivery the order and if the buyer accept the order then you will money and that will show on your earning section …
  6. Haha, his/her comparison is invalid. I am an Engineer who writes scripts on Excel VBA and @hanshuber16 is a proofreader. There is no way we can be compared. @webdesignerxx You should just ignore his replies and move on like I did. Although he talked about my reviews (which has nothing to do with the discussion here), but I ignored his/her nonsense. Keep me posted please. Sure … I will do … 😀 .And kindly do not reply on these comments. You are TRS and very busy person … I will inform you when I will get reply … And I am not understanding why they are so serious . This is fiverr man not the earth … I am not dying … And thanks @cyaxrex For the wish …
  7. You’re another better intelligent guy than @ammarshrf…Clients would hire you before they hire him because you know how to debate… Its hard to believe @ammarshrf has all those great reviews on fiverr I just dislike this things that how can you compare peoples by some messages …You are just showing us how you think … However I am requesting you to stop these …
  8. If you cancel the order that will affect on your profile … I think you can should cancel because sometime buyers order by mistake and we need to cancel that …
  9. I have just checked your one gig " I Will Do Java Programming Projects And Assignments For You" In this gig you are giving service to solve people’s academical assignment or projects. Offering to prepare academic works on behalf of BuyersCheck fiverr TOS … And remove that gig as soon as possible otherwise you will face problem …
  10. Now wait for our expert’s advise … Best of luck 😀
  11. I think you can not change . Now wait for the expert’s reply . … I have the same experience . After getting a bad review … Everything was good but suddenly buyer left bad review … And my response was misspelled because I was not understanding what to write … Be cool .
  12. No it was not…It was a serious conversation Ok… Sorry for that … Kindly forget that …
  13. @webdesignerxx probably has At-home servers at his house that allows him to charge $20 per month for hosting I thought this as a joke …Sorry for the misunderstanding … I apologize …
  14. @webdesignerxx, this is not a correct nor nice reply. Please apologize with @wordpress_whiz. When he thanked you for fooling him, he was telling you that wasn’t OK and he didn’t like what you did. You should not fool people this way. If you’re fooling around, you should make sure everyone can see it - as told, at least with an emoji. @wordpress_whiz as well as @misscrystal were having a real converstation with you and, as I see it, they thought you were speaking seriously. I also thought that too, although what I could think doesn’t matter as I know nothing about what you all were talking about. Ok ok got that … You are just making these complicated … I have used emoji .But may be that is not right … .However thanks for the suggestion …😀
  15. You did not put any emoji to show that you were joking…Once again, thanks for fooling me … Sorry for that … 😔
  16. Man, so you fooled me, right?..That was not nice… Yeah … You didn’t got that … I thought you would get the point … Mobile server 😉
  17. You provide hosting from your mobile server with only 64 gb? And 8 clients are hosted on it? For $20 a month each? I must have misunderstood what you meant by this. Was joking … :rofl:
  18. Awesome…You have some great web hosting features at an affordable price… Yeah … 😀 I haven’t got any reply yet … 😔
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