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Client asks for extra work. Help?


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Can anyone guide me please about the below questions?

What if we have an Active order, and the client asks us to do some extra work that is not in the GIG description?


While sending a custom order, its mentioned in the custom order’s description that, “This custom order is not for re-writing content.” The client agrees and places an order, but after that, the client asks us to re-write the content, then what exactly should we do?

I experienced the 2nd thing, I already made it clear to the client that I will not re-write your content, and she places an order. Still, she sends me a revision for re-writing it in my own words, and I do tell her that I can’t because it was mention that I would not do, and she was like, “NO NO, YOU HAVE TO DO THIS.”

Whatever, I completed the task to avoid hurting my rantings.
In such cases, Fiverr will support me because I wrote everything in the Order description clearly, or Still, Fiverr will follow the client?

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If you have it clearly written what you will and won’t do, CS generally is known to support it. You set a boundary, they tried to cross it. Have you already blocked this buyer? They now know that you compromised once, and there’s a small chance of them coming back to try again.

Thank you for replying. 💞

I submitted work. She didn’t reply back or accepted order, it’s still pending to auto-complete. She was rude. Big part is, she is from my own country. I have decided not to work for such persons who are from my own country because my country people have Ego, mostly they start the problems, Its funny but still the fact. I’ll block her Asap when the order will be completed 😂

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