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  1. It’s “message,” not “massage.” You need to make sure your words are fluent when sending in offers to Buyer Requests and communicating with others on the platform. Being fluent and coherent displays a competence that buyers will be more attracted to. Make sure you edit your messages, gigs, and profiles to show that you can communicate properly.

  2. It’s not definite that you’ll get contacted by the buyer after you submit an offer to his or her request, and it’s more likely that you will never get contacted (it could be that you’re out of the buyer’s price range, or your offer doesn’t show that you’re capable, or just that the buyer found other sellers more compelling. These are just a few reasons.). I’ve gotten messages concerning offers I’ve sent from two hours to 2 months. It all depends on the buyer’s activity and their interest in your services. Personally, I know that the offers I send are strong and persuasive (I yield a great number of orders for the offers I send). I address the client’s concerns explicitly, give samples, explain my pricing, show the value and professionalism I hold, and make clear that what I’m sending them is not some template I copy and paste 10 times a day but a genuine interest in their project.

So, really, no one knows if you’ll get a message from the buyer or when. It’s all subjective.

Best wishes!

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