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Buyer do not want to accept the delivery


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Guest humanissocial

Yes, that I understand, but this issues we fixed a long time ago, and now he just requests new revisions with new requirements, I do not know what to do.

That’s what I mean.

Don’t undercharge for your scope and value if you want to prevent these things in the future.

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Yes, I will learn from that, but we did not worked in sum 5 hours, each of us (we are 3) worked a lot of additional hours.

I figured, based on your original post, but the changes were scattered throughout the process.

Which gig was ordered?

I think your gig needs some major reworking. Right now the differences in packages is the length of the animation. What if you did the packages as the stages? Basic: character art and storyboard, Standard: basic package plus line animation, Premium: basic and standard plus color.

You need to expand your gig descriptions to outline the process, including when changes are permitted and the cutoff for those. AND, if you revamp the gigs, to explain exactly what’s offered in each gig.

You have no FAQ section, either. So, a few suggestions:

Use that to define EXACTLY what a revision is. (One FAQ for each package, if necessary)

Answer these questions:

Can I get multiple characters? (Yes, for $X more per X animation seconds)

Can you do backgrounds? (Still backgrounds are $X each, looping/scrolling background are $X each, etc.)

What do you offer for sound?

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