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My Gig is falling down BADLY from about 2 months


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I hope you are well…

My gig was one of the better performing “Elementor” gigs on Fiverr. After getting level (I’m level one seller), my gig fell…It was in 6 pages… After about 3/4 weeks, I have edited my gig for improvement…When I edit it, it falls drastically in search or disappears completely. Can any one of you please go to my gigs and check them. Is there wrong anything…?

It’s been almost 2.5 months, I didn’t get any message or order from a new buyer…
My gigs are:

Wordpress Designer…

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Weirdly enough, my Elementor gig haven’t been performing good for past 1 month too. I’d say just keep on editing the gig, try to fine tune it, send buyer buyer request and stay online.


Thank you k4u_91,

If i say online and sent buyer request, will it be in 1st page again?

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Unlimited revisions are never a good idea.
There are several small English errors in your gigs and your profile.
“Languages: English - Native/Bilingual” is inaccurate. It should be ‘fluent’ like the Spanish, German, and French. Your native language should be ‘Native/Bilingual’

Also, yes. Edits will drop your placement while the edits are reviewed. This is why, if you make edits, you should try to make them all at once and minimize the number of times you make changes.

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