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I am new user pray for me


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I pray to whatever deity wants to get involved that they will take all clients away from other people and give them to you for absolutely no other reason than the fact I prayed.

I ask in whoever’s name that any shortcomings and lack of effort on your part is not reflected in the number of sales you get and that those who have worked their posteriors off for years through study, self-improvement, hard graft and the application of their time and resources do not receive any orders you could potentially have a go at.

I praise whoever for your faith in them that they will provide for you rather than yo making an effort yourself and being responsible for your own success.
In whoever’s name I pray.

(Plz like. 1 Like = 1 Pray)

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Welcome, you’re welcome! I just prayed for you really hard. I also got some friends to do the same with me. One of them brought a lamb that we were able to sacrifice and burn in honor to God and your Fiverr profile. There is just one problem.

Just as we were dancing around the flames of our sacrificial bonfire, a white mist surrounded us and God’s voice said loudly that if you really want to get more sells, you need to make a one time $1,000 Bitcoin donation to his official Bitcoin address.

You also have just 12-hours to do so. If you fail, God will be very displeased and may ask you to cut off one or more debatably non-essential body parts.

Happy new year!

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