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I'm feeling the Old Impostor syndrome again -_-


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I’m feeling the Old Impostor syndrome again -_-


I am feeling that old mix of anxiety and Impostor Syndrome again…

It’s like when 1 bad thing happens it negates all the good ones. All my happy client’s tat left me positive feedback mean nothing just because of that 1 translation company that didn’t answer me back, I am doing ok at work, and people even said that they will renew my contract, but I can’t help but feel that fear of losing my job…

I want to invest more in my freelance career, get a website, social media, etc. But I can’t because I am too busy, and because I can’t do that I feel anxious, fearful, of not getting more jobs, even though the problem is that I am too busy in the first place…

I can conceptualize the situation, I know I can do better, learn new marketable skills, I got here from the worst position after all, but my anxiety just doesn’t leave me in peace…

I wish my mind didn’t have to work like this…

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Hey friend. I relate to this SO much.

I will have 5-6 weeks of awesome feedback, friendly clients and fun scripts where I do amazing work. I’ll then have 1 rude buyer or someone will leave a 3.5 star review or whatever it may be, and it spoils my whole week.

Do you do any mindfulness techniques? On my worst days they’re somewhat helpful in staying grounded and focused.

When a tough client gets you down, have a look at previous work you’ve done that you’re really proud of or kind reviews you’ve received. You are not an imposter, you are a skilled & talented person who is more than capable. X

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I understand what you mean. I have many friends that like my work, but I have no industry peers who I can ask for opinions. Thus I sometimes wonder if my work is really up to par, as the friends sometimes just can’t give me better feedback. I know it’s good, but is it good enough.

As for how I survive the lows: reviews, comments, and the aforementioned friends.

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It sounds like you need a few more years under your belt to gain confidence that can’t be easily shaken. When you’ve had successes over and over for years you come to the realization no one can get you to feel bad about anything you do, since you have self assurance you have earned.

I have moments of anxiety too before remembering just what I have done and accomplished and achieved. And that feeling carries over into everything to the point that I know that no matter what life throws at me, I’m going to power through it and come out a winner.

It’s a peace of mind that is based on self confidence and it can’t be faked.

Years of meditation have helped too. If you’ve never tried it I highly recommend it. Funny how it relieves so much anxiety, among other great benefits.

I am an empath and when someone is rude and hurtful I try to remember that they are expressing their own inner pain and projecting it out at the rest of the world. That takes a lot of practice, to keep that in mind. It’s one reason I study psychology so much. I want to understand just where someone who does this is coming from, and how they are internally.

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