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Buyer wants order delivered TODAY


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So I got an order with a 5-day duration on the 25, so my deadline was to be on Monday, the 30th. Earlier today, while I was at my day job, the buyer told me to deliver the order within the day, even when he didn’t pay for a rush service. This shocked me, but I tried to make it so I could deliver earlier as requested, but it is impossible. I let him know this and explained why I couldn’t, but I’m scared of what he has to say. What can I do to protect myself in case he gives me a negative review?

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The options I see are

a) wait and see what the buyer will say

b) don’t do the job, request support to cancel the order because the buyer demands same-day delivery for a 5-day gig (they might tell you to work it out with the buyer first though, so, see a))

c) do the job like you’d normally have done with a 5-day order and send when you’re ready, and deal with the maybe negative review if it actually happens

d) try to reason with the buyer and find a compromise, i. e. do the order as soon as you can

You can’t do anything to protect yourself from a negative review unless you get your buyer to see the errors of their ways,
or cancel yourself (will harm your order completion rate) (plus you can’t cancel one-sided, buyer must accept your cancellation request),
or can get support to cancel for you in a way that won’t harm your OCR (they sometimes do, sometimes don’t).
At least you can reply to a bad review though, and in this case, if the buyer’s review would say something like “seller delivered late”, you could say that the buyer ordered a 5-day gig but demanded same-day delivery, so people who see that review, also see your response.

If you can, try to find a compromise, tell the buyer the order can’t be done in under x days in good quality. Most people do want good quality, after all, and most should be able to understand that quality takes time, even if they already don’t want to understand that they aren’t your only customer and the only thing you got to do in your life. 😉

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Thanks @kezarpro, @wptutorial, and @miiila for your insights. I’m new to the whole platform, but I can already tell how important reviews are, so obviously I’m a nervous wreck. I’m now working on contacting CS, so hopefully it all turns out well. This would be one of my first orders, so I was hoping to be really accommodating and responsible, and I did try, but I guess I’m yet to learn my limits. Again, you guys have been really helpful. Take care!

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Don’t be too nervous. I know, it’s hard but it’s like many other things, for instance, school. When you’re done with your final exams, the marks seem so very important. A few years, or even months or weeks later? Nobody cares anymore about those marks. You prove yourself with other things and other marks as you evolve.
As long as you didn’t yet get a bad review, be it because of some mistake on your part or because of an unfair buyer, it seems very important to only ever get full five stars but eventually a bad review will come, and be it because of a bug or because a buyer who tried to blackmail you is revengeful to boot or whatever.

Try to not wreck your nerves because of things that aren’t your fault. Do what you can to make a situation turn out well, tell yourself you did what you could, and then relax. Sometimes, those situations even do turn out well, after all, and if not - as long as it’s not your fault, you have every right to shrug it off, tell that your own nervous self. Soon, you’ll have been through lots of “Fiverr situations” and will be calmer. 🙂

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