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  1. I completely agree on your outlook and I honestly believe Fiverr would become a lot more successful if it catered. little to the sellers too. However I realise that the customers are the ones paying the Fiverr bills, regardless of our skill sets. The platform also allows you to grow within a few months which is something I didn’t see on most other freelance websites. I just hope I can either get this review removed to find some middle ground solution that allows the account to continue to grow.
  2. Yeah I guess it safer to get the customer to specify in full detail what they want regardless of what you’re offering. Lesson learned.
  3. Yeah I haven’t modified my description for a few months now, I was clear with what I was offering. I specified that it wouldn’t be a pencil drawing because I knew I don’t have the set up in place and I travel a lot so it was just to make sure this exact situation doesn’t happen. How ironic is that? I guess I might have to end up deleting the account, but it does mean it will take another few months before I see any orders or I’s have to invest a lot of time finding and offering to buyer requests. Thank you for the advice.
  4. No, you are not really wrong here however when chatting with customers you always need to try to ask them questions to get a clear picture eg I’m always asking them to look at my portfolio and if they are happy with my style of drawings or if they can provide images pictures of the styles that they like and it is one of the mandatory questions and requirements I guess you learn these things as you go, I wish I had the chance to even balance the situation out but the customer reviewed the gig then sent me an unhappy message. This is one day after the gig completed and 3 days after I submitted the work to him. But I see that I wasn’t as diligent with my questioning as I should have been. It really sucks that one bad review could tarnish the whole account though. But I guess Fiverr takes on the ‘customer is always right’ a little too far.
  5. It was specified already, it actually says in my description, that I only offer digital drawings.
  6. Hey, I just had an experience with a buyer that wasn’t so great. I wanted to know that if I was in the wrong or not. The buyer requested ‘am looking for someone to color a few pages & shoot a time lapse video.’ In reference to my gig where I offer time-lapse drawings; https://www.fiverr.com/kezarpro/make-a-time-lapse-drawing-video So after telling what page they want to be coloured and make the order, I get to work and complete my work early so that the customer has room to make some modifications if they need. Three days pass and the order is automatically completed. I then get a message from the buyer saying that I hadn’t done what they want. That they wanted a pencil drawing rather than a digital drawing. However my gig doesn’t offer such a thing at all. I never claimed that I will be doing such a thing and the customer never requested that specifically. Before I could even resolve the issue I saw that the customer reviewed the gig and and now I was in no position to make things better. I explained my position to them and they were having none of it. I am in the wrong here? I was genuinely doing my work, I wasn’t cutting corners or providing low quality service, it just so happened that the customer wasn’t clear, didn’t read the description or view the images properly and they weren’t there to communicate their issues when the gig was still active.
  7. You see I am a new seller myself, I’ve managed to get about 2 orders (I am still working on them), I started selling about 2 weeks ago. At the start I couldn’t see any buyer requests until recently. Once I could see the requests I’d message all the one that are within my skill set, explain what I can do, give them my idea and tell them how fast and for what price I will do it for. Some people get a response after 75 offers and some get it after 20 but you will get a few jobs from that. Eventually some of these customers will come back for more or Fiverr will raise the ranking of your gig. I’ve heard some cases where people made a gig and left and after a month they got an order anyway.
  8. I stand corrected, I guess these discussions are important and Fiverr does pay attention to them. That’s great to see and I hope to see many more improvements in the future.
  9. Honestly from my personal experience; best way to get work is through buyer requests, after reaching a certain sales level buyers will come more easily. However if you’re just starting out, you’ll have to be patient until you’ve built a good reputation. (As in received many good reviews)
  10. I can imagine Fiverr engineers sat laughing at this conversation. Thinking ‘Do these guys actaully think we’re gonna apply a feature they want?’ - How many community requested features have been integrated by Fiverr?
  11. This has been a long conversation so I’ll be honest and state that I didn’t read all of it. However I will reply the OP’s idea. Your idea can be great if it was implemented correctly and can be horrible if done incorrectly. If Fiverr was to suggest ideas for gigs in need, it should recommend stuff that does not currently exist in the market, where the demand is high and the supply is low. Once the demand and supply reach a specific level, the recommendation for a specific gig should stop. Another factor that should help are the skills tests, sellers should have a certain level of understanding in what they do before before selling. However this would over complicate the process for the sellers. Imagine you’re great at Photoshop because you know what the tools do out of experience, however you get a 40 minute test asking you about specifics that you never had to use in your many years of work. The system now isn’t broken (at-least from the gig making perspective), therefore why try to fix something that doesn’t have a problem. There are many bigger issues that exist in Fiverr, especially the lack of protection for sellers. Another issue the lack of possibilities to promote your work in a more effective way. The buyer requests system is a good start but there should a better way to get to customers.
  12. All the point you mentioned are extremely valid. Especially the buyer situation. I see it from this perspective; if you’re just starting out, deal with the blackmail, put in a little more effort and time regardless of how low the payment may be. After you build a name for yourself and succeed in gaining customers, whether they are regulars or just new ones directed to you by Fiverr, you can do well. There’s always ways to get around cheaters and bad buyers will come at you in any career. With time you can raise your prices to the level you feel appropriate and that should get rid of a lot of buyers who are trouble. As for Fiverr’s stake in the money you get, I see it as fair, they are giving you access to customers and allowing you to sell on their platform. I’ll give you a different platform for example; eBay takes a stake in what you sell (about 5.5%), so does Paypal. Another platform would be YouTube which takes 50% of what you make from advertisers!
  13. I would suggest opening a case with Fiverr support, complete the work and deliver it as soon as possible, within the scope of the gig. That’s what I would do.
  14. There’s plenty of gigs that can help 😉
  15. I currently live in Greece. From the UK though.
  16. BR was empty for me too but now it started to show a few. In the morning hours it seems to show a lot more buyer requests. So check when’s the best time for you and login and utilise the feature.
  17. There are limits. I doubt if I created a gig called "I will dance in my polka-dot mankini holding your happy birthday message" it would go down well with my writing clients. However, I do offer video work alongside writing work. I have also offered ebook formating and Hungarian to English translation in the past. It works well for me. However, everything I offer does all under the umbrella of content creation, marketing, and SEO. :rofl: @cyaxrex @misscrystal @goodgift @catwriter Thank you all for the advice, it was very much appreciated. I will plan them out and restructure my profile and gigs to look like a package, whilst offering a few different services.
  18. That makes sense. However I was thinking people might find it a bit random. I guess ultimately it comes down to the service you provide. Did you start with several gigs or just your writing gig intially?
  19. 18 hours for what? Unless you’ve got work or you’re refining gigs, there no real need to be on Fiverr.
  20. Hey, so there’s something that’s been going through my mind a lot recently and I need a little bit of advice. In the upcoming weeks I want to create a few more gigs in different categories, like; video editing, audio editing, some other illustration gigs and a few writing gigs. But from what I saw with the more popular sellers is that they seem to stick to one niche market. Is that a matter of choice or that is simply the skill they prefer to sell? I guess my question is what’s wiser, putting several different types of gigs that encompass a wider market area, or, stick to a specific niche and branch out from there?
  21. I mean that seems great to me, that means the click through rate is pretty high. So a lot of people were interested in checking out you gig. From my understanding impressions are simply if someone passes by your gig. clicks and views are when people actually check out the gig. So lets say someone lands on the page that has my gig, I get an impression, then they click on my gig, and after that they view the gig for a certain duration of time, at this point your gig should sell itself to the potential customer. That’s why you need to keep improving your gig, especially in today’s very competitive market.
  22. Okay so I’ll speak from my personal experience. For the first week of making my gig I couldn’t see any buyer requests. In the second week I started seeing one request per day or sometimes none. Finally today I saw more than 10 requests. It may be the time period I am checking or the fact that the gig I created is getting older/seniority. I suggest checking the buyer requests page often and finding out when buyer requests show according to your timezone. Try to use all offers you have. There’s also great information here on the forum about how to make a personalised offer that will likely get you the job.
  23. Did you ask the customer why they left a bad review? or did you contact Fiverr support team and discuss the matter with them? What were your actions once you received the bad review, beyond creating this post?
  24. I am referring to the review system, not the potential manipulation of a review. As for the analogy, why is it illogical to you? People have experienced lower selling rates after getting a single bad review. Which has lead to their gigs selling less for a period of time.
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