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  1. days are only 24 hours. Go thru the forum and search for the questions you have and the answers are a click away.Good luck 👍
  2. Hello @gleveneleven, welcome to Fiverr. Please spend some time in forum, read the forum to learn A to Z about Fiverr. Everything you need to know is a search away. Good luck 👍
  3. Hello @himanshurana955, welcome to Fiverr. Enjoy your stay and make money
  4. Hello @jmartin0807 You’re doing good. Just a suggestion, take out unlimited revisions. Some clients take it seriously and for $5 you don’t want to have people asking for undue advantages. Give it a number 2 or 4 revisions
  5. Amen to that! Yep. Just today, I had to ignor yet another newbie seller who sent me a private message begging me to make them rich and successful. I am not a genie who grants success to those who beg me for it. :roll_eyes: Lmao 😂, can’t change your nick on Fiverr or else you would rename yourself to Genie
  6. Welcome back Good luck for 2020, I say break all grounds, all computers
  7. Welcome to Fiverr and Good luck 👍
  8. Hello @chasingdesigns, yes the course is free and very helpful. Every new seller should watch it when enrolled in Fiverr.
  9. Hello @paulonthemic, welcome to Fiverr. Once I was also very excited. Good Luck 👍
  10. Hi @rajanul234 Just being active doesn’t help. You need to optimize your gig, market it on social network and promote it with your family, friends or relatives. Just creating the gig and sit idle won’t help
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