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  1. Thanks @kezarpro, @wptutorial, and @miiila for your insights. I’m new to the whole platform, but I can already tell how important reviews are, so obviously I’m a nervous wreck. I’m now working on contacting CS, so hopefully it all turns out well. This would be one of my first orders, so I was hoping to be really accommodating and responsible, and I did try, but I guess I’m yet to learn my limits. Again, you guys have been really helpful. Take care!
  2. So I got an order with a 5-day duration on the 25, so my deadline was to be on Monday, the 30th. Earlier today, while I was at my day job, the buyer told me to deliver the order within the day, even when he didn’t pay for a rush service. This shocked me, but I tried to make it so I could deliver earlier as requested, but it is impossible. I let him know this and explained why I couldn’t, but I’m scared of what he has to say. What can I do to protect myself in case he gives me a negative review?
  3. I’m asking for an extension from my buyer, as he’s been really nice and understanding about me taking more time than expected because of things coming up unexpectedly. I feel bad making him pay the same amount when I’m not delivering as originally promised. Is there any way to lower the price of an active order, or any work around it if I can’t? Appreciate all your help, thanks!
  4. Thank you so much for the welcome! This makes me feel nice when up until a few moments ago I was feeling really down since I haven’t received any orders yet 😆 Though I know it would take time and a lot of effort to make it. I just started, so I should be fine. Again, thanks!
  5. Heyyy 🎉 I’m new to Fiverr, and I’m a writer, singer and voice talent, looking forward to many many opportunities to make a living out of the talents I think (and hopefully) have! All the best ❤️
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