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Updating My Gig


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The title says it all. I made some overhauls to my gigs to avoid being exploited by buyers.

My thing is (as mentioned in my gig description), I’m a huge believer in putting in effort in crafting a quality product, even if it means sacrificing time. As a new seller, though, I feel like I don’t really have the “right” to dictate my orders just yet. So I’m doing a lot of things I’m not necessarily comfortable with to seem more appealing and amiable to buyers. Still, I only have a few years of experience under my belt and I’m a recent college grad, so it feels like I have no other choice in the matter.

So, without bending backward, I feel like my gig has nothing unique to offer. I don’t even know SEO (as I was a print writer originally), so I feel like that makes me less marketable than others in my niche.

This probably belongs in the Ranting Pot, but I do want honest feedback about my gig.

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