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NEED HELP...! to improve my gigs and get my FIRST ORDER..!


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Well to be honest you are in one of the most competitive categories on this platform and the designs I saw on your logo design gig are underwhelming to say the least.

Publishing a gig does not guarantee sales or success. There was a huge gap between the confidence your description text tried to sell and the story your samples tell.

Sorry, just being honest.

Also, did you go a bit overboard on your certifications? Did Adobe actually present you with the title of “world’s best graphic designer”?

Do you have proof?

Sounds like a “world’s best dad” mug.

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In your logo gig, underneath “Order Details” it says “Professionlal Logo Design Service”.
Maybe changing that could help.

Also since you got the graphic designer of the year award from Adobe Photoshop you could create some additional gigs related to Photoshop and that might help with orders.

Maybe check the profile etc. is okay with Fiverr’s terms of service.

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