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Is replying mandatory?

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Is it mandatory to reply someone in inbox?
For example: someone comes in inbox and says “hi, can you do this job for me?”
I reply “Yes, I can”.
then he says, “How long it will take to finish?”
After that message, I don’t reply forever. and that person ask me again and again to reply back or he will contact customer care service for not replying my query.

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We who are working on services industry, Costumer Services is the main priority.
It’s better to reply on every message we got.

Who knows we will get a big project from this client in future, or maybe he will commend us to his coleague… etc (Unless it is SPAM)

I suggest to apologize to your client and reply his message politely.
and Give him reasons why suddenly you can’t accept his project (if this your concern).

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