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Ot geting orders from buyers


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Guest humanissocial

thanks a lot dear for your suggestions

Don’t call people dear. It’s not acceptable in the west and you will alienate Fiverr buyers if you do that.

Also, you really need to work on your English if you want to get sales. Your post here and your Fiverr Seller Profile are full of grammar errors. Buyers are much less likely to hire people with poor English because communication issues are a hassle and can suggest problems may come up in the work.

You also say completely unsubstantiated things in your gig, like “boost your sells and website quickly.” No one is going to believe this because 1. You can’t guarantee that. 2. Your services contradict your skills. Saying unsubstantiated not only hurts your credibility. It’s downright unethical. Don’t say things just because you think it’s what the buyer wants to hear. Only say things you can support with evidence.

Also, why would someone hire you to run their Facebook Page or write a guest post if you can’t put a proper sentence together in English? Don’t create gigs for things you clearly can’t do correctly or professionally. You won’t make sales and it just makes you look unprofessional. There are hundreds of sellers with much better English, so of course sellers are going to choose them for English-relevant work, let alone for the communication with the seller.

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