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Scammers- I received 3 of them in less than 24 hours


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I am very disappointed that there are so many Scammers aloud to message you! Does ignoring them affect your response rate?

It is frustrating when you receive a notification that you have a message on Fiverr just to see that it is a Scammer. I went back just now to copy and paste the message so any of you reading this can be aware of the Scam but it is no longer there. To summarize it goes like this:
They have a simple usually high paying job for you. BUT in order to get more details or “interview”, you have to contact the name they give you on Google Hangouts.

That was my first clue. Why would you need to message me outside of Fiverr if it was legit? You are already messaging me. Plus when I took the job description and went to the website of the Company’s name they used it did not make sense. The job description from the Scammer had nothing to do with the actual Company.

And NO company is going to hire you to do their payment processing without a background check, sometimes a credit check and a formal interview. DUH!

Highly disappointed that Fiverr cannot do something about eliminating them.


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Guest alabasterblack

I believe this is a phishing attempt to get your login info/ credentials.

I had something similar happen, but I refused to click the link because I was on mobile and the page wouldn’t open. (Because it specifically asked me to login to gmail services that I’m already logged into on my phone)

That seemed very odd to me, so I responded, and never got any other type of correspondence.
2 minutes later I got another message with the same formatting, about a different gig from a “different” company.

(Both profiles had the same profile picture).

To me , it looks more like someone who is trying to get information out of you, to what end, I have no clue.

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