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  1. I think it’s easier for you to create a paypal account in your name, in other countries it’s not difficult to have a verified account
  2. that is the minimum rate (for that price of $ 5 the page is known) but you can place the price that you think your job is worth.
  3. We must be “conformist” with the reviews left by the buyers, whether you want to or not, because the “revisions” can not be changed. you just have to work hard always waiting for the best comments from the buyer
  4. everything depends on the category of work you offer and the amount of people looking for is product, it also matters the level of the seller, not all sellers leave the requests at the same hours
  5. Check if you have the (plugins in your latest version?) Sometimes this happens if they are not updated
  6. I have been written several times for the same thing or for rent (my ip). Thanks to fiverr mark these people as scam so they are not so annoying.
  7. On the payoneer page there is detailed information on how much is the minimum you need. And in the case of not clearing up your doubts you can talk with payoneer in the online chat
  8. it can also happen that fiverr blocks the buyer’s profile, by marking it as spam.
  9. if you can link to different websites at the same time, that does not matter since for this purpose you have created payoneer to receive payments from different pages.
  10. There are many who do not. There are several conversations in the forum on the same subject. it only remains to continue working hard and of good quality to get new clients that if they leave reviews
  11. for me that is the worst strategy should not buy (reviews) because if this happens to draw attention to future buyers, it would not be known exactly if the seller makes a good deal.
  12. congratulations, all study, readings and knowledge are good for people, so they can develop better in their lives and in different jobs. regards
  13. If you see the comments in the forum, you can see that many buyers say they will come back with more jobs, just to get (rebates, fast work, etc) some if they return with the work they promised. but they usually use this strategy to achieve benefits
  14. that is true several people use this tool incorrectly, hopefully find a better way to take advantage of their makting and publications
  15. responding as quickly as possible when potential buyers ask or ask some kind of question, for that you must stay online at least from the mobile application
  16. congratulations friend, sample of discipline and work
  17. that is the particularity of fiverr that is paid for service performed not for hours worked. although there are prsonas that place in the description of their gigs that work certain amounts of hours
  18. hello sorry that country is the language Yoruba? Happy day and successes on the page fiverr
  19. that’s true I’ve seen sellers with the highest category that is top rated seller and they have more than 10 gigs active and selling at the same time. so I do not see it necessary to erase everything as it says @rifatmhuq100
  20. Some people see the video on the same day, it all depends on the revision of fiverr, I guess they verify the information that does not contain illegal ads and that’s why they take in accepting the videos.
  21. I think that when it does not appear, your gigs is a problem with which you have to communicate with support. it has happened to several people especially when they change the data of their gigs many times very often
  22. @maitasun has 21 reviews on her account (likely more unreviewed completed orders than that), she has had her account for over a year, and she has been active on the forum for quite some time now. You (@guilarteluis) have been on Fiverr for barely three months, and have 7 reviews at a 4.2 overall seller rating. I think maitasun has proven herself as someone worth listening to, and you are someone who should probably consider listening to (and learning from) her experience and advice. hi @jonbaas the comment he made was not to disprove the opinion of @maitasun was the answer to the post he made @umardesigns I did not say anything the experience of @maitasun, you were the one who misread my answer @jonbaas Anyway, thank you very much.
  23. I do not agree, because sometimes those filters for the “new sellers” become annoying and do not allow to enter the system sellers who are truly trained. just like this is the advantage that fiverr has with the rest of the pages that hire professional freelancers.
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