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  1. Please contact customer support and show them that you have done according to your client demand. So, you do not want to refund. I think they will discuss about with you and give a proper solution. By the way, one question, is that happened (cancelation) by fiverr support or you accepted dispute?
  2. You "get a job" by marketing your services to the target customers what need what you have to offer. - by Jonbaas I think, it is the best way to present yourself in freelancing marketplace.
  3. Only when your cash advance is paid in full, will you once again be eligible for another cash advance (of course, this is dependent on your eligibility status remaining relevant).
  4. Very impressive and attractive point.
  5. Fiverr seller should join Seller Plus to get better sales and analytics.
  6. Same problem from last month and still. It’s almost zero impressions. May be fiverr want to give us punishment or they do not want to we are stay here? OR …
  7. No. You could not I get negative feedback before delivery.
  8. Report for what? Why would fiverr take action? If they paid for your services they are allowed to do whatever they want with your voiceover. I think you know better than me. ---------------WHY?
  9. Yes, now the customer service is very worst.
  10. If you have lot of order on you hand it don’t affect badly in you gig.
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