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Posting and OFFER


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So I have a question. Why is it i make an offer
I got tons of people but no one seems to read the requirements.
Then the one that take the time to say
“I have read your requirement I Understand” I send them the details on a message ask them to double confirm

Then they say your rate price is too low.
Why didnt you read the budget requirment in the first place.
Its a loss of time on my part siftign through all the offers.

Seems to be happening to me a lot with the ****** desingers.
Any suggestions ( besides upping my budget)
Is there a real difference in the English spoken and understand
It says FLUENT IN ENGLISH on the profiles?

Let me know your thoughts.

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Well, possible reasons why this happens:

  • some sellers want to be among the first who send an offer as they think it heightens there chance of the buyer accepting their offer and they don’t necessarily understand or even read the request

  • some sellers might actually have read your request and know that it’s not possible to deliver good work for that budget, and would still like to offer you to do your job (well) , but for a higher budget; in that case, they might explain or would be able to justify the higher budget if asked

  • many sellers who get jobs not by sending offers to BRs but because buyers actively seek them out and order from/contact them for custom offers, don’t even look at buyer requests, or only rarely (BR is more an afterthought on Fiverr, the main thing is to browse categories/use search and filters to find your perfect freelancers for your jobs)
    (so you get a lower ratio of those replying to BRs)

  • not all but many of the sellers who send offers to BRs with (too) low budgets, logically, are those who won’t get jobs through their posted gigs, one of the reasons could be that they can’t communicate well in English or ask too much for what they offer
    (so, you get a higher ratio of those replying to BRs)

Solutions, apart from an appropriate/higher budget:

  • keep messaging those of the sellers who do reply to your BR to find out if their level of English is okay for your purpose and if they are willing to actually do your job for the offered budget

  • drop BR and look for suitable gigs/freelancers yourself (much broader choice); it’s best to only contact those whose gig prices are somewhat close to your budget to not waste your and their time, some probably will be a bit flexible, depending, but if you ask any self-respecting seller if they’ll do a job for a budget that’s so low they know they couldn’t deliver good (enough) work, chances are, they’ll say no because those typically are the sellers who get enough jobs

  • no ‘solution’ but something some buyers who use BR do: in the end of your request, write "when you reply, start with “Strawberry cheesecake” (or whatever), then you only need to read the offers that do start like that and save time as you know the seller either didn’t read or understand your whole request (disadvantage of this method though: some sellers will consider that as undignified and move on to the next request ;))

  • reconsider your budget (I know, you didn’t want to hear this but its true with the following addition:) if it’s too low to get sensible sellers with fair prices interested

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