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Suggestion: Fiverr could have regular challenges/competitions


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Fiverr could have regular challenges/competitions or tests where sellers could compete.

The challenges/competitions could be either using multiple choice questions (a bit like the Fiverr Skills Tests) or it could be to create something based on the category of gigs they have (a little bit like Fiverr Discover but without the seller posting it on Instagram/Twitter) but each competition would be based on a set of requirements created by Fiverr (a bit like in the buyer request section where they could also include attachments. There could be some automation in the generation of the requirements).

Multiple winners could be selected for each competition and their work shown and maybe they could win something (if not $ it could be points). Potential buyers could also see the different results of the competition whose requirements were closest to their requirements and they could pick the gig(s) who seller delivered the results closest to the results they would like.

The winners could be shown on the site and/or used for helping buyers to find the right gigs for their requirements. eg. it could compare the text of each competition’s requirements with a buyer’s requirements that they could enter on a new section of the site (or for seller/gig suggestions when they enter it initially in the buyer request section) and so it could recommend gigs based at least partly on competition results (scores) for requirements similar to the buyer’s.

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