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Buyer is asking for files without watermark


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Please help me out. I have delivered my order on time after giving so many revisions to my client. Once he asked for modification with the msg " It looks awesome. Will see you after getting back to my computer". He was satisfied with the delivery but not marking it as complete. He then got offline. Before 1 hour of the due time, I delivered the order again. And now after 6 hours of the due date he is again asking for modification with the msg “Send me files without watermark”. I am a newbie, I have not placed any watermark. It is by default.
Please tell me what to do.

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Just reply to the client “watermark is a fiverr protection and added automatically when uploading files. It will also disappear automatically after you mark our order as a complete” and all nice things after that like “please contact me if that wouldn’t work” etc

Thank you so much.

Let me contact him now. I hope things will get better.

Thnx again

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