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Why do I have to rate a customer before I can see their feedback?


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It’s absolutely ridiculous that I have to rate a customer before I can even see how they rated me.


Imagine this: a customer was a real jerk. They were a horrible experience I would not recommend, they were nitpicky, and they insulted me. I politely say this to them, publish it and…they gave me five stars and said great work. Great. Now I look like the jerk. If I had known they were going to be polite, I would just keep quiet. Because it’s a business, and that’s what businesses do.


A customer seemed to have a pleasant experience. I rate them five stars, say they’re a great customer, only to see they gave me 1 star and complained about numerous things. Now I look like a complete idiot who just totally ignores what they said. Thanks fiverr!

As sellers, we should get an opportunity to address any complaints or suggestions the buyers give in their review, not find them out after we respond. If this isn’t changed soon I’m leaving this site, it’s absolutely ridiculous and unfair for the sellers. I’ve enjoyed my time on this site, but this is an absolute deal breaker.

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While it’s very rare that a buyer has a negative experience with me, I’d like the opportunity to see feedback and be able to address it publicly in case something does happen and a buyer was not communicative during the order fulfillment process.

I guess this change is to encourage feedback from sellers? And in my opinion, it may do that, but the feedback is forced and inaccurate.

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