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Can a buyer can change his review in October 2018?



Hi Fiverr,
A buyer has given 4 stars by mistake and he is willing to change his review without asking him. He is saying he want to change is review. So my question is can he change is review in October 2018. As now there is no option for asking modification in review in resolution center button.
Anyone Please?

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Not anymore… Fiverr’s brilliant idea was to take the option away, even when it’s known that feedback is a mistake or the buyer wants to change it for themselves.

I’m in that situation right now. The buyer left a great review and 5 stars on 2/3 fields, leaving 1 star in the ‘Service as described’ field. I was confused so I messaged them asking how I could improve my work to ensure they’re happy with their order, without mentioning they change their review. The buyer immediately apologized, saying they were sure they left 5 stars, and asked how they could correct their review. I contacted customer support explaining the situation and referring them to our conversation, where they can see I didn’t offer anything in return for a feedback change, and their response was not helpful at all. From what I gathered, they’ll only take it seriously if the buyer contacts them, and they marked my ticket as ‘solved’. I explained to the buyer that if they wanted to edit their review, they would have to contact CS, and emphasized that they’re not obligated to do so and it’s only if they want to.

And in the past, it has happened too many times that a buyer, most often when on mobile, leaves the wrong amount of stars. And it was so easy to solve that problem, but now they’re making it to be a big deal. Misunderstandings and mistakes happen. Not everyone that orders here is internet-savvy. A lot of people I work with don’t know how to open a zipped archive or ask me why is the background black when they open the PNG image. This in no way helps to more honest reviews, it will only make sellers be stuck with ridiculous reviews of the type: ‘Amazing work, very happy with the communication. Will order again!’; 3.5 stars.

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