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How do you attract the buyers?


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i hope that my services are good enough (i offer drawing and painting , but i offer different styles like realism, cartoon, sketches, semi realism, illustrations, manga etc. ) i will gladly make any corrections (or make the drawing all over again ) but that doesnt seem enough … what do i need to do to attract the buyers? does the fact that im not a professional (just finished high school ) affects the situation?

any tips on this one ?


have a nice day 🙂

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Hello and welcome.

I admire youthful energy and attitude!

"how do you attract the buyers ?"

High school or not, having a professional and business like profile bio tells buyers who you are, what your credentials are and what (if any) education you have that makes you qualified to offer your services. It’s great you play musical instruments, but how does that relate to a buyer and the services you are selling?

Realistically Fiverr is for selling products and services, and whatever you use to talk about yourself and your service should ideally be from that perspective.

Your gig descriptions should explain exactly what it is your are selling and explain the benefits to the buyer and how your product or service will help them.

Question… A bunch of your gigs say you will “draw” or “paint”. Do you really draw and paint, or are you using a software program? If so your gig titles are misleading the buyer as to what they are really buying.

You should test, tweak and retest your titles, descriptions and tags to find a combination that gets impressions, views and ultimately orders.

Promote your gigs outside of Fiverr on Social Media, FB, Twitter, Blogs, etc.

Be patient. It can take months to get going on Fiverr. Read the forum thoroughly and the Tips for Sellers. Look around and see what other Artists are doing.

Be patient, and never, ever give up!

Good luck! 🙂

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Well one thing you can do is get popular through social networking. I can Get you followers in both Instagram and Twitter which will boost your sales. Also If you want to get the word out I can provide retweets so that your product will be shown to thousands of people. This will boost your income and sales!!!

Yours Truly,


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