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Some of my gigs denied


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i got all my gigs denied after years of perform the reason was


Duplicate entry/Gigs - We noticed that you’re trying to offer the same service as one or more of your existing Gigs. To ensure a wide variety of Gigs in our marketplace, we ask that you create one Gig for each service you offer and do not duplicate Gigs.

but that not true sound like some sick guy using multi accounts to report my gigs

the gigs not denied for violations is eligable to restore or edit but i conted fiverr support they told me that my gig will never restored and that final

now all my best seller gigs gone i even got just now my profile logog denied too cause it not original lol

someone work hard in reporting , hope it happy

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I see 4 active gigs on your profile, and 3 of them are for bulk email marketing. They all seem the same to me (and they all look like they could be used for spam).

no , they are different my friend and never used for any spam, i do send to our list that %100 spam free and allowed to recieve

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