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Can both people and pets only be involved on one account?



Hi all!

I am new to Fiverr, and have some questions about the rules. I’ve looked over the terms of service & the FAQ, but I wasn’t able to find the answers to my questions.

  1. My boyfriend is currently doing video production on Fiverr, mainly as a spokesperson. Is it allowed for me to help him on his account (send messages, help with filming, etc.) AND for me to have my own account? We would not be buying/selling to each other, as I know that’s against the rules. I also would not promote his account from mine, and he would not promote my account from his.

  2. I’m wanting to set up my own account for product photography, product videography, and custom videos with myself and/or my dog for product promotion or spokesperson videos. If I have a gig on my account featuring my dog & her ability to do tricks/advertise products, does that mean she cannot appear on my boyfriends account? Even as a short “add-on” to one of his gigs? (I.E. in his video for a spokesperson gig, a few seconds saying “you can even have this trained dog in your video!”).

  3. If I am advertising myself available as a spokesperson on my account, does that mean my boyfriend cannot have me as the female spokesperson available to appear in his own gigs?

I hope this is all clear. I’m new to Fiverr, and am a bit confused about the rules regarding these things. I want to make sure that no rules are being broken before I get things set up. 😃

Thanks in advanced!!

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The best thing to do would be to contact Customer Support, explain what you’d like to do, and ask for their permission and advice.

If you get a template answer and are still not sure what’s allowed and what isn’t, try to rephrase the parts that are still unclear, and ask again (within the same ticket, don’t open a new one).

Once you get your answers and permission from Customer Support to proceed, save the screenshot of the permission, just in case.

You can submit a ticket to Customer Support here (and remember to be patient, it can take them a day or two to respond): https://www.fiverr.com/support_tickets/new

Good luck!

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