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And my 2 years gig just deleted :(


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My gig just deleted.

The reason is that the gig id not pass our moderators’ review as “Your gig may violate the terms of a third-party service or website”.

It’s 2 years old gig with near 2k reviews.

I’ve contacted support to ask them revive the gig. Anyone had same experience?

Please advice, what should I do next…

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My 3 month old gig was denied today too but I haven’t done anything different in the last month since my last change and the only change I made to the gig was changing 1 keyword. I think someone was crabby today at Fiverr. I am losing out on business right now as I had someone who was going to order another gig as soon as I delivered the current one. Anyone know how long it usually takes to hear back from support?

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I noticed that few other gig were also deleted (not a lot, compared with the total number of the gigs). And if it against facebook tos, ALL gigs offering that must be deleted and fiverr should write on their tos that the service is forbidden.


It’s actually one of the possibilities I have in mind right now (thanks, for me the reply sounds supportive)

I want justice very much, although I’ve already received some “textbook” respond from support that I againts facebook tos and am not sure if my complains will be heard.

I’ll spend more effort fighting to get my gig back. I’ve been serving fiverr with the gig for 2 years, and believe with around $3000 comissions from the gig alone, fiverr should hear my objection better.

I really appreciate if anybody can help, or share their experience.

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likesfacebo_ok said: I've been serving fiverr with the gig for 2 years, and believe with around $3000 comissions from the gig alone, fiverr should hear my objection better.


With all do respect, that's not the point. Fiverr's Terms of Service is very clear, and so are third-parties. All users "agree to the Terms of Service" during sign up, it's your responsibility as a buyer/seller to read the Terms of Service, and know the Terms of Serivce of other third-parties if will be providing a service on/to/from their site.


The fact of the matter is that it's Fiverr that's liable for being sued because you (or any seller) decided to violate terms. Exchanging money for on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc. are all violations. Not only it a bad move for buyers, because it puts their accounts as risk of being placed under restrictions, but it puts their pages/pages at risk of being deleted completely without explanation.


Every. Single. One. of your gigs is violation of Fiverr's term-parties terms. You CANNOT exchange money for likes (buying or selling), plan an simple. You are violating both Fiverr and Facebook Terms of Service.


As stated on Facebook legal page:


"Can I buy likes for my Facebook Page?


No. Certain websites promise to provide large numbers of likes for your Page if you sign up and give them money. These websites typically use deceptive practices or are scams. People who like your Page this way will be less valuable to your Page because they won't necessarily have a genuine interest in what your Page is about. If Facebook's spam systems detect that your Page is connected to this type of activity, we'll place limits on your Page to prevent further violations of our Statement of Rights and Responsibilities.

You can pay for ads and sponsored stories to promote your Page so more people will see it. This can lead to your Page getting more likes. Running ads and sponsored stories is not the same as directly purchasing likes."


I really hope you're buyers know that they're violation Facebooks terms, and I hope you know you're offering illegal services here on Fiverr.

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@thepromogirl - Actually. Purchasing promo’s for likes is completely fine and does not break the Facebook TOS.

Hell, Facebook sells likes itself. Do you have a Fanpage? Notice the “Boost” post option now? Or the “Get More Likes” option on the right of the Facebook page? Facebook sells likes. It is not Against their TOS. Well… Let me explain.

Purchasing “Bot” likes is against the Facebook TOS. Fake/Generated likes violates Facebook terms. Of course it does. And Bot/Fake likes accounts for 95% of all Likes gigs.

However. True Likes, from true people that are not spammed is perfectly fine.

Again, Facebook sells them.

It’s all in how it’s done.

Do you think Coka-Cola violates Facebooks TOS when they run marketing campaigns with the “Follow Us On Facebook” logo splashed all over their commercials? Nope. How about Fiverr when they post an ad, or post on their blog, or even on this forum to Like their Facebook page? Nope. Not against the TOS at all. And yes. Coke pays for their ads/commercials. And they don’t pay Facebook. They pay their marketers.

The Facebook TOS is full of terms like: Don’t purchase Facebook likes, yadda yadda. However, if you dig a little deeper into them you’ll notice that paying to promote your brands Facebook page is not only Okay, but recommended. And even more recommended to pay Facebook to do it themselves. But not Bots.

And, again. It all comes down to what you do. NO BOTS. These have to be real accounts that are NOT spammed, but rather promoted/campaigned to.

@likesfacebo_ok - I don’t know what your removed gig was exactly. But the following is NOT allowed.

  • Selling Accounts or account information. (If you had a gig selling Facebook accounts, numbers, anything like that. No.)
  • Selling Bot/Software Accounts.

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@kjblynx - There is no difference.

I use the Facebook service to purchase gigs from Facebook. I use it all the time so I do know how it works.

You set a budget, Facebook promotes your page, and you pay a percent out of your budget for every person that likes your promoted page.

I use it all the time. Hell, I use it in conjunction with my friends for my own gigs.

No matter how you cut it. You pay Facebook for every like they send. That’s buying likes.

Anyone reading this doesn’t have to take my word for it. Log into your Facebook account. Go to your Fanpage and hit the ‘Increase Page Likes’ button to the right. There, you’ll be brought to Facebooks marketing category and you can see for yourself.

And. Just have to add this.

If Fiverr doesn’t want people creating Likes gigs… Then they should take the SEO/Fan pages Category off their page! LOL

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my 6 month old gig with 375 positive feedback (online marketing-fan page -rating list 6 gig)


" Hi pubudurox,

We are sorry, but your gig ‘promote your page and try to deliver 50Real FACEBOOK likes no fake no bot’ did not pass our moderators’ review.

Here are the reasons:

Your gig may violate the terms of a third-party service or website"

i dont no how to check fiverr this gig violate the terms of a third-party service or website" ?

i also send ticket cs no reply yet


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Guest gamersuscentral

I used to be on Fiverr ever day. Ranked my way up to level 2 in 2 months with 75 sales in those two months. This was all off of one gig that I had where I would deliver your message in a video that Id create with action figures in stop motion. It was pretty popular and I had back orders for days to come. Then one day, I logged in and couldnt find my gig any where. Well it came to it that Fiverr deleted my gig out of no where with no warning. This caused about 5 customers to get pissed off and ruin my feedback and performance scores. I had 100% in everything, then went down to a 94%!

After 2 weeks of contacting Fiverr about it, they never ever responded back to me at all! I was soooo pissed off that I couldnt get a hold of any one on fiverr that I quit fiverr.

This is the first time I come on fiverr in over 3 months. To my surprise , they took away my levels too.

Now Im debating on coming back… I dont think my score will ever recover from this.

Should I just go to another website?

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Again, if you purchase “likes” outside of Facebook, its against their TOS. Thepromogirl clearly stated it from Facebook’s website. Fiverr gigs that sell likes are selling untargeted fans (sometimes even fake profiles).

When you pay for advertising via Facebook, your fan page is being promoted which in turn results in “likes”. But the likes are targeted and more valuable because the people who are liking your fan page actually have interest in it and aren’t doing so due to incentives.

If anyone really cares about their business, they would advertise their page via Facebook and get targeted fans. Anything else is just a waste of time, money, and energy.

I just tested Facebook ads for my music fan page two days ago. I got 41 likes for $10. Personally, I rather have 41 real fans then 10,000 fake ones.

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