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Having Problem with Customer Support

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I hope I’m allowed to post this issue here.

I’m trying to report an order which was left incomplete by the buyer (no time ticking), but unfortunately, there’s something wrong with customer support. All of my ticket sent don’t register on my customer support panel.

There’s a buyer who left his/her order incomplete. No time ticking, no requirements submitted, just paid the order and completely abandoned it. It really is not my fault so I don’t want to cancel the order through Resolution Center because IT CAN AFFECT MY RATING and SALES like the warning said when I tried to.

I’m seeking help of customer service to cancel this order without affecting my rating/sales. Pretty unfair for me.


  • About “Mod note: You will have to rely on Customer Support.”
    Can’t use properly. Somethings wrong with customer support.
  • deleted sensitive info
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