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My Seller ripped off designs from somewhere else


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This seller ********** aka ********* , submitted a design to me. Lovely job done, responding perfectly to the brief and gave her a good rating + feedback. Now recently I stumbled across a facebook page with the exact same logo she sent to me. Design elements, design motive are all 100% life-for-like, only difference is in the color.

She has then removed her account from fiverr, and I am unable to contact her for a complete overhaul, can’t get a refund (i think?). Has anyone been ripped off similarly?

Feedback much appreciated.


Mod Note: Username removed. It is against the Forum Rules to negatively call out a buyer or seller.

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Guest parachaahmer2

You can simply Contact Fiverr Customer Support and provide them proof as well as whole description. After that they will reply to you after 24 hrs.

They will surely help you. Don’t be tense.

P.S : btw can you please share the logos here?

Best of luck ! 👍

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Please Do not share usernames here on forum its not allowed

Here is guide to help you

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