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Bugs with new fiverr inbox interface?

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I liked the interface of the fiverr inbox, all at one place and we can keep an eye on our orders and other information.BUT…

After i got the revamped interface of the fiverr inbox ,
I dont get any notification sound/ pop-up/ any type of indication that a new message has arrived !

Who else is facing this problem? Or it’s a default design of this new one?

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My inbox stop working all together, clicking on it don’t open up again. Aside the site seems very slow in loading after the recent update. Only God know what the issue is…!

Whoever is in charge of site management must be one hell of weirdo Programmer…there is confusion everywhere GOSH!!!

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Previously deleted messages still showing and cannot be removed
Size of message thread area is extremely small and does not resize
No way to switch back to the ‘old’ view if you dont like the new one.

Another half-baked ‘feature’ rollout it seems

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