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  1. Welcome to the best freelancing platform. Hope you earn a lot and fulfill your dreams 🙂
  2. That is not a big deal…you are given 10 bid per day so utilize that…optimize your keywords/gig etc which will help you to see relevant job posts. Keep trying one day you will get an order!
  3. Just tell him/her politely that it is against Fiverr policy to contact outside and you have to communicate through Fiverr platform only. If he still wants to communicate via voice call/video call then tell him to get the Fiverr business subscription through which you will be able to communicate.
  4. Can anyone tell me… I actually got this feature long time back and i have not yet used this feature… i plan to use it after a month so will there be any problem? 😄 Thanks in advance champs!
  5. Welcome to fiverr community! Enjoy and best of wishes ❤️
  6. Welcome friend! Hope you earn a lot in this year 2021 and fulfill your dreams 😄 ! Good luck!
  7. Marketplace is all about having patience. Doesnt matter if you had only 13 orders so far. Keep trying! Everyday use 10 bids to bid on jobs that you feel confident and write some unique cover letters. Hopefully 13 order will increase to 100 soon! Good luck 😄
  8. Please respect our members privacy by not contacting them with offers, questions, suggestions or anything which is not directly related to their Gigs or orders. The above is listed under Violations in the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page. Maybe i couldn’t explain well please show me a screenshot of that TOS part
  9. Can you describe your problem in more detail? Did you open your payoneer account successfully?
  10. Hope all of you earn 2x you earned in the year 2019! Good luck to all! <3
  11. Correct! So we need to be a little smart about these spams lol!
  12. this is also true! They want the idea and i have realized it after giving the sample they vanish!
  13. Awesome! Good luck with your gig hope you can earn a lot from this market and fulfil your dreams!
  14. I think they are telling you to make a mockup design. Of Course it won’t be a wise idea to do something and show it to them as in the meantime someone may show something good and grab your opportunity of working with him/her. I would suggest you to show samples of your previous work. In case you have to make some mockup make an agreement and take some amount before you proceed. Good luck!
  15. What is this? I don’t see any icon beside client names. You will only see the timer icon when they knock you for the first time As soon as you reply them you wont see it again!
  16. Welcome to the best Freelancing community. Hope you have a great journey over here and never give up, just work hard you will succeed one day for sure!
  17. you can use multiple devices but make sure they are using the same network i.e. IP
  18. Now if you force or use terms like positive/5* etc will be a problem Once the order is accepted you can let the buyer know that there is option to leave feedback and if he wishes then he can put That’s it! I think asking it for once won’t be a problem?
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