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Transfer from one Payoneer card to another


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I need your help :rofl:

I received a new Payoneer card (as most of you have). The last time I made a withdrawal (about a month ago), the funds went to my old card.

I received an email from Payoneer a few days ago where they said I should transfer the money on my old card or spent it as soon as possible.

I made an ATM withdrawal but due to rounding, I left some funds on the old card (around $60). Is there a way to transfer funds from one card to another? Mind you, these are both under the same name and I have the option to choose either once I’m logged in. But I can’t find an option to transfer funds from one to another.

Am I stupid or is this not possible?

P.S. Does anyone have experience with Revolut and Paypal for withdrawals. The exchange rates on Payoneer are killing me. Is the Revolut + Paypal option more friendly for EU account holders?

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I for once owned two cards in the same account; PO notified my the old card was not usable so I needed to close that card and used the new card instead.
The money was stuck on the old card; I couldn’t withdraw, transfer or use it and I just called the customer support to help transfer all the fund to the new card. The case was forwarded to technical team and everything was solved.
So the quickest way is contact Payoneer customer support via phone line. CS support through mail is super slow.

In my case, the exchange rate of Payoneer is better than paypal. The processing time is also faster.

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