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  1. All search engines are moving towards personalization and dynamic results. This also includes Google. There are no more global rankings. I don’t think this should even be a question. Fiverr is giving us dynamic results. But it’s also not entirely true to say that there are no more rankings. Rankings aren’t what they traditionally were, but some sellers still appear in different dynamic results more often than others.
  2. I guess I wasn’t clear when I made my last statement. Finishing the work in a day and waiting 4 days to deliver would be a shitty practice in my opinion. I never let the report sit for more than a day. We often do this in creative fields because you might perceive things differently after a good night sleep. Let’s just say I was never in a hurry to deliver. I took my time because I had an agreement with my clients. And I always delivered in the timeframe we agreed on. There’s another reason why I did this. I delivered asap when I started selling on the platform. What happened was I got a few clients that came to me because I was recommended to them by their friends (my former clients). I sent them a custom offer with a 4-day delivery. They then started negotiating for shorter turnarounds because I delivered the same kind of work to their friends in a day or two. It’s just easier to always deliver on the last day. This way all my clients get the same treatment. I understand what your saying and I completely changed the way I approach my clients in the last days. Part of the reason is this post. But it’s easy for me to deliver fast as I don’t have many orders now. There’s a good Youtube video from a top rated seller that goes through this exact topic. He also said that he always delivers on the last day. I don’t think that’s wrong because this way, all my clients get the same treatment, regardless of how many orders I have in the queue.
  3. why would you do that? Just wondering what the logic behind that was. There’s no proof for what I shared, I am just sharing my theory. I feel like I’m sounding like a broken record, but I clearly need to repeat this point: I am not listing penalties and things that force the system to negatively impact your profile. I am listing possible indicators that tell Fiverr whether you are performing well and/or are too busy at any given time. It’s a social proof. Again, this is purely anecdotal but I noticed that I get more orders when I already have orders in queue. It could be that Fiverr takes note and says hey, this guy look busy and people like him, let’s give him more work. Or it could be that people see this as a social prof and order from someone who’s busy. The logic is they see me as a safe bet that other people trust. This has been mentioned a few times on this forum. And I know other sellers had similar results.
  4. I always deliver on time, but there where instances when I had everything ready and I waited until the last day to deliver. It’s crazy for me to think that delivering in the last 12 hours would negatively impact your gig. Do we have any proof for this statement?
  5. Wow, I’m always surprised how hostile people get on public forums. 🙈 Frank started a very good topic that is very relevant to all sellers. It baffles my mind that people don’t have the decency to disagree and not bicker with each other. Stay on the topic and discuss the changes. There’s definitely something happening with the algorithm. It would do us good if we discussed what we notice. Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t AI usually take some time to optimize itself before it can produce the best possible results? Could we be in the phase where AI is still learning what’s best for the platform?
  6. Well, this is just an observation, but my profile grew when I started bringing traffic (clients) to my gig. It would make sense for Fiverr to notice when a gig gets notices from “outside” traffic. But again, this is purely anecdotal and I could be totally wrong.
  7. You need to understand that this “new thing” is not here to smite users. In your case you just “dropped the ball” on one possibly important metric. What happened during your record-breaking month? How many orders did you fulfil? Any buyers seemed agitated? Any negative reviews? Any orders went late? Something happened that in all probability told Fiverr that you are not capable to handle any more. You are most likely getting a distorted view of this. Fiverr is not sending the gigs you would be seeing if you were a buyer in your niche. Or maybe what you are seeing is your competitor’s last “record-breaking month” and they are destined to be met with the same lull immediately afterwards. I don’t think you should change anything until you figure out what went wrong in your case. It’s hard to figure what went wrong and which metrics I dropped if nothing out of the ordinary happened. This is probably the thing that annoys most people. We don’t know what we did wrong. I’m all up for updates and I’m confident in the quality of my work. But I’m not a fan of drastic changes like I just experienced. I did make some changes to my gigs. But they were long overdue.
  8. So, I’m one of the sellers that got “struck” by this new algorithm change. I went over everything that was said in this topic, and I agree with most. But there are some things that just don’t add up. Let’s start with the tags. I went through the profiles of sellers that currently have the most orders in the queue in my categories. And what did I found? That all of them use tags that are the same as the keywords they use in their titles. I understand why you’d want different tags, but in the real-word, this doesn’t seem to hold true. Second, I agree that everything goes through an evolution, and a huge overhaul of the search algorithm was expected. But, this change seemed to rock many veteran sellers with great track records. What I noticed is that the top players in all categories remained untacked. I’m talking about the top 3-5 sellers in every category. It’s the second tier that got hit with the update. Most of us are long-term level 2 sellers, and it’s hard for us to understand what we did wrong. I’m not saying that Fiverr is wrong. Fiverr is a private company, and they can do whatever they want. But it’s hard to understand from our point of view. We did nothing wrong, yet we all feel like we got penalized. I’m not bitching. We will have to adapt. But it’s hard to be optimistic, seeing how I didn’t receive a single message for the past 2 weeks. Yet, I had my record-breaking month in February. I did notice a few things that I’ll try. I’ll play with descriptions, even though I don’t believe they do much for the ranking. Descriptions are there to convert. I will change the tags. I will change the titles. Let’s hope for the best.
  9. Yep, you’re correct. I do a SWOT analysis of my business at the end of every year and every year I write down that I’m too reliant on Fiverr. This was the first year when I said that Fiverr is growing and that since they gave me a mentor they have big goals with me. And that being too reliant on Fiverr isn’t a bad thing anymore. Talk about sarcasm right? 😂
  10. Is there still a way to get into the program?
  11. Thanks for sharing your experience. And yes, I do agree with you. I’m not really feeling the “free” part of being a “freelancer”. Private feedback was the first thing I considered when this happened. But it doesn’t really make sense. I don’t think people leave a 5-star public review and a bad private review. I’m almost positive there’s a strong correlation between public and private reviews. Plus, there’s so many of us going through the same thing.
  12. Thanks mate. I do believe that one of the reasons why I was so successful on the platform is that I promoted my gigs outside of Fiverr. My growth is directly correlated with my marketing efforts. This could be a coincidence, but I don’t think it is.
  13. Thanks for the encouraging words. Just to add, the book titles gig is not new. I just updated it. I’ll probably have to analyze what’s different with it compared to other gigs. I do believe having fresh visuals and text is already a thing on Fiverr and that it pays to keep everything up to date. And I’m the first to admit my gigs were getting a bit outdated. So this whole thing might actually turn into a good thing and a learning experience. 😉
  14. I contacted buyers that contacted me in the two weeks before my gigs got taken down. I didn’t receive any new messages in the last two weeks. Yep, the book titles one is gaining momentum. It’s the only one that got me an order in the past weeks. I hope this will happen to other gigs also. I just read the Fiverr 3.0 update post. I’ll sleep on it because it’s late where I live. 😀 I’ll gather my thoughts in the morning and I’ll see if I’ll make any changes.
  15. Which webinar? What’s seller plus? 😂 I should probably start reading emails I get from Fiverr. 😀
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