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Wikifarmer - All our translations are created through Fiverr

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Greetings to all members.

Wikifarmer is the greatest Online Farming Library, aiming to educate people on how to grow anything, anywhere in the world. We are a community of volunteers who believe that some of the most important challenges of the world such as world hunger, climate change and pollution can be solved by a very simple way: educating small and medium farmers on the best practices of sustainable farming. Our goal is to give them access to thousands of contemporary growing guides in their mother tongue, so that they can make informed decisions on choosing crops, applying diverse crop rotations, inter-cropping, cover cropping and organizing small beekeeping and livestock units.

Wikifarmer is freely available in 7 languages (English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Arabic, Russian and Greek), with 6 more to come during 2018.

All our translations are created through Fiverr, so we are really thankful to this platform.

We have great plans for the future, as we hope to translate our content in 220 languages by 2023 (of course through Fiverr!!).

Best regards,

Wikifarmer Editorial Team

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