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Why dozens orders in que of sellers

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I know everyone is having a ball with the typo but we should probably go back to topic before it gets too salty here.

Has no one heard of Rocky Mountain Oysters?

favicon-16x16.png.344140ac356a9097976f609a92ae4def.png seriouseats.com

The Nasty Bits: Testicles, Grilled and Fried Recipe

What to bring to a Man-B-Q? The men in my life love things like smoked ribs and beefy steaks, but then again, so do I. As I stood before my refrigerator and contemplated what to do, it dawned on me that the only logical thing to bring to a Man-B-Q is...

A nice PB&J sandwich sounds good right about now.

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thank u so much all of you.its my suggestion to fiverr may be in future they will apply it

I have a suggestion that is sort of like yours. I think that sellers who use VPN to make it look like they are in a different country should have their queues limited to 1 order per year. They should then give half their earnings to someone who has even less money than they do.

That university that you went to in 2012, how was that? Did the other students believe that the rich should give up what they worked for and give it to cheaters? Do you like my limit queue idea?

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