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  1. i am in level 2 but i am not getting order in these days.sale is very low in these days.are you facing same problem ?
  2. Possibly choosing sellers who don’t copy their profile and gig descriptions from other sellers. then they should visit my profile
  3. Now no auto orders where are our buyers.is this is problem with everyone or just i am facing this problem.i am so confused i am given whole time to freelancing but earning less.sad and upset.feeling depression now
  4. i am sending requests daily but no orders…really bad days
  5. thank u so much all of you.its my suggestion to fiverr may be in future they will apply it
  6. yes i think for top rated limit 50 orders level 2 30 orders level 1 15 orders new seller 5 orders limit
  7. i want that a limit should set for sellers that they can take 30 orders 40 orders then good for sellers and buyers
  8. i am not asking u to use other designer.but for a seller must be a limit
  9. you should limit to sellers who get dozens of orders. it will be helpful for both buyers and sellers.mostly those who get orders then out source to others on small amount please try to review it then you will get good potiential sellers.
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