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Fiverr's Buyer Experience


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I’m sorry, when Fiverr works it is great. When Fiverr doesn’t, it is a nightmare.

You can’t communicate with a potential seller. End of story. You can’t “staff” anything serious unless you want someone to develop fart ring tones.

There are serious barriers to doing business with a seller. One example would be having a Seller do a web site for you on Godaddy. Godaddy needs the seller’s email address. Oooooppppsssss. That’s a big “no” “no” for Fiverr.

Want to write Fiverr and find out how to beat a problem? Oooopppsssss. There is no way to write Fiverr (at least this morning). I keep getting looped back to a message that says it’ll be 12 to 24 hours before we can answer. Guess what, I’d be delighted to wait that long if I could find out how to get the problem resolved.

This is the only Forum that I could find where I can air out the problem.

Every time I turn around it is a new interface, a cryptic or hidden way of doing something, Fiverr doesn’t support it or a rule is being violated. Trying to get things done is extremely difficult. You don’t need a Fiverr academy. You need a customer oriented interface that provides support 24x7x365. That would be helpful.

Jezzzzz guys, get your act together. Do you get a prize in your office for making things cryptic?


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