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My Order Has been Cancelled even 4 Months Later


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My Order Has been Cancelled even 4 Months Later.

Although I delivered as Promised after 7 days of Hard Work.

Don’t You Think that fiverr should Update to their Billing System.

How is it Possible or is it justice that a Person Do work Hard for a Week month or more and after few months or Years Buyer gets back his amount silently.

There should be dispute system where both parties Show reason to refund funds.

This is happening 3rd time with me.

Is it Justice that i have worked already for 7 days and now again i will have to work for next two week for -$80.
And Now my Balance is showing in Negative.

I don’t have enough spirit to Keep carry on my work because i afraid that it can be happened in next moment again with other orders.

I had worked for this buyer already for 1 week Regularly and after cancelling order Now Balance is showing in -$80 and again i will have to do work hard for Next few weeks to return this amount to that buyer which is a Scammer.What is This ? We work hard and delivered as promised and a Scammer Get back his amount without ant difficulty.

I request to Fiverr please remove this mark of Negative from my Available funds Section as soon as possible and Give me amount for work i have done already.

This is really painful for me.


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I’m really sorry this happened to you but I’m afraid there’s nothing you can do.
It’s OK to rant,let it out, pray that karma will get that @$$ hole, and move on.

As long as you are good at what you do, you will get plenty of orders from buyers who respect your work, and you won’t even need to worry about 🤮 buyers like the one you had.

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I am new and just looking around. I just happend upon this thread and wondered if you simply asked the people you did the work for, what was wrong? But if they were just scamming then Fiverr should have a policy that after a period of time that all money is hard. I own a data recovery shop and this was an on going issue. We would recover someones data and then they would stop payment and that caused charge back for us. So what we did was invoke a policy that stated all sales final upon pickup and put that on all our paper work. If someone tried to charge back then we made the CC company aware of our printed policy and they denied the request from the buyer. As by law in the US…

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