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  1. That is EXACTLY why certain new sellers buy into that junk. They want Fiverr to be a get-rich-quick website, where all they have to do is set up a gig, and instantly get rich. They have no idea how freelancing works, and they have no interest in doing any work to earn anything. I weep for future generations. So many of the young people I see these days seem to believe that entitlement is a right – they feel they deserve whatever they want, merely because they want it. In reality, however, that kind of entitlement usually ends up in complete and abject failure. No business has ever achieved greatness without hard work, sacrifice, and determination. So many new sellers (usually the ones coming to Fiverr after reading the “guru garbage” from those internet articles and stupid how-to videos) fail because they refuse to do any work to become successful. They just don’t view work as a component to success. And then many of them get mad at us veterans who keep telling them to do work to earn their success. Success is NOT a right. No one deserves success. But anyone can EARN it with hard work, sacrifice and determination. This is deep. Jonbass on a higher level!
  2. Do people really sport these? Or it’s just for the camera? I dunno what I’d do if I meet one of these on the street…
  3. Apart from the fact that it’s heartbreaking, I consider his action rude and disrespectful. You did good trying to help and I’m sure there are others out there who would kill just to be given the opportunity you gave to him.
  4. Not if you’ve lost 2 levels in those 60 days because of the (unfair) cancellations. 😉 It’s going to take me until May at the earliest to get back to where I was after first being demoted in February. Oh! So sorry to hear that.
  5. Please, don’t go mad! Not over one buyer! Bad things happen, we dust ourselves and move on. That’s what you should do too. You’ll get over it.
  6. Now I’m confused! There’s little we can do about the review you got. You have to be more explicit next time and make sure you and your buyer are on the same page.
  7. He is not threatening. He is clarifying! Did you promise him an about page? That was what the buyer wanted!
  8. If people don’t criticise your actions, how will you know where you have gone wrong??? I believe @legacine is trying to make you see the mistake you made. Your buyer complained about not getting what he originally paid for, he got something else - I would be mad too. Also, maybe you had miscommunication problem because from your post and your buyer’s review, what the buyer expressed and what you expressed are quite different. Are your writings done in English?
  9. Everyone needs orders because everyone needs to make sales. While some are working hard to meet their needs, others are waiting for their needs to be met. Where do you belong?
  10. For a business man who wants to make sales, patience is not enough, action is what you need. What can you do to get your gigs to those who need it? Start from there, you might just be waiting for Godot if you keep being patient.
  11. WoW! Now that’s definitely a weird one 😯
  12. The services you offer as a seller on Fiverr are called good gigs.
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