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Would you give your opinion of how to manage a situation when the client ask you for a discount that already has a good price?

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Hi to every one !

This is my seccond post. My very first one since didn´t go very well because it seems to be that i posted it in the wrong place.

Since then, i didn´t post more topics. So I´m going to give it a try again.

Even though I´m a member of Fiverr comunity since August of 2015, I start working as music composer two month ago (More or less)

I´m happy, and things are going pretty well, but there´s an issue i would like to share with you.

Some times, happends that buyers are asking you for a discount of $, in some service that already
has a very low budget.

It seems to be, that because there are professionals from differents countries, there is a diference
between what you think is a low budget, or a much elevated price budget.

That means, that for some professionals in some countries, 30$ for a job that takes 4 hours to be developed,
could be a lot of money, and for other professionals from other countries, could be absolutly a very few money.

So, I would like to know the opinion of all the professionals that view this post, giving your own point of view
of what you think about this, but avobe all, what do you do when you find in this kind of situations, with a buyer
where you have to deal explaining why do you have this budget. How you explain this ?. or, maybe, it is better
not bothering explaining anything to the client ? ! Any suggestions would be more than welcome.

I hope i explained my self well, other wise My apologizes.
Thank you very much to every one !

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I tell them that, unfortunately, I can’t give them a discount, because it would be unprofessional and unfair to all of my buyers who have paid the full price.

Ohhh, wowwww, this is a very good answer catwriter. Thanks for sharing !

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