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Beware - when you do get zip/rar file of buyer requirement

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Hello friends,

recently i got a buyer message. he had mentioned - he wanted to buy my gig and he had sent a rar / zip file of his requirement.

when i did open that attachment - i got socked - that compressed file was exe and doc file - which is too dangerous virus like “ranshamware”

i’m quite aware about that. so i stop that before hack my pc and fiverr account.

SO please beware and careful about opening zip file of buyer message. it can be virus and hack your account.

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Good point. You can also take these steps as a precaution-

  • Check that your firewall and antivirus are updated.
  • Look at the file extension- if unfamiliar, research it.
  • Scan the fie before you open it.
  • Check the users feedback.
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