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  1. I’m sorry you feel this way. If I recall you used to post a lot about how unfair the system is, and how you would leave Fiverr for ever. My guess is you didn’t find another platform that was fair. That’s because nothing is fair when it comes to a global marketplace. If you are looking for fair, and equal, then you are in for a shock. That’s the actual attitude of fiverr decision maker Or planner!! They/you thinking, Fiverr have enough service provider and If any one have problem to their system - They could leave there marketplace. Forgot that, Fiverr is now public private company as per stock market. Might be i’m wrong!!
  2. You are comparing apples to oranges. Warnings and bans for sellers who break the rules are mostly automated. You break a rule, you get a warning. Having a human review a situation and solve a ticket, is definitely not automated, so it takes time. Your description is fairly accurate, but it also kind of makes sense as Fiverr transitioned from a startup with just 10 employees and a few thousand users to a publicly traded company with millions in seed money and millions of active users. Who made fiverr bigger ? Ans - A Great Sellers, Who have served top notch quality service to the fiverr buyers. Once fiverr become bigger - They forgot their sellers!!
  3. Everything have been made as per buyer point of view at fiverr. Suppose to be : Live chat available for fiverr business nothing for seller. They want customer in Restaurant without chef! They thought Once customer will visit at restaurant, chefs can be easily available after see the customer!!
  4. Fiverr CS works with super sonic speed in this situation no matter whole world in warzone or covid : If seller do broke any rules.If seller try to serve better experience to customer to giving number or mail etc.etc…blaaahhhh…
  5. So They are charging 20% commission to the buyers sells and 5% to the Customer - Overall 25% Revenue to each order!! Worse CS response.!! Overall bad business practice !!
  6. I think, They have shutdown… soon it will impact on overall website rating and performance.!! I got Auto bot response on my ticket. Yoav | Team Lead Sunday at 12:20 Hi there,
  7. Just wait for some time and it will be not surprising “If fiverr will launch subscription based seller plan” such as other freelance market place in this world!! Every business want to earn and grow their revenue!! Afterall investors putted their money in this platforms!!
  8. Everyone do start to “Nursery Class” right!! But after 12th or +++. You do take some leap month to that system… “That System will say - Go to Nursery again” - Might be you can catch-up faster as per previous knowledge…but you’ve to start quite again for same place…where do you started…Doesn’t matter… How many “stars” as certificate you’ve!!
  9. Same support have cancelled 3 orders worth $700 after 3 months of order completed!! That’s my experience!! Support can do anything: They can cancel order any time - “negative balance” If you’ve been withdrawn that. They can suspend your account. Block your account - delete and many more…!! You’re not the only one!!! Just work “As they like”
  10. If you’re intelligent and grade A++++ - You’ll be always sit on first bench first row… Somehow, you do lose your grade - you’ll be sent on back bench… Because The system wanted to be profitable always in any how, They will keep always A+++ as they “Poster Boy, Star campaigner” !!Instead both are paying same fee to the system!! “no one in this world - will give you a second chance” All business, Computer AI system program, algorithm and many more follow same rules. Promoted gig feature - only for who’s doing A++ in current - Doesn’t matter, How much good you’ve done in past. Pro seller - Only for A++++++Promoted gig - Only for A+++++Top ranking - Only for A+++++++Studio gig - Only A++++++++++++ and more…** ** Share here as per your thoughts and experience on fiverr and systems.
  11. If fiverr made any mistakes such as developers error etc… Sellers do affect a lot but When a seller do any mistakes - fiverr have punished them 😄
  12. Quitting job is not great idea for fiverr. Yeah…Some Freelancer doing Great here… But A mass volume of freelancer suffering because fiverr has been changed a lot. Nowadays competition is too high and job are less than 6 years before. You’ll re-think after some time…i’m sure 😃
  13. World Team Force of Developers working live on site 😃
  14. They take 20% charges and 40% on $5 order for maintenance 😃 and provide everyone better platform… Don’t worry guys… Everything will be okay after few hours.
  15. yeah…all data will be safe… gig position can be change… 😃
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