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How To Make More Money While Working Less

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Hey Fiverr Family,

I just wanted to provide another update on my Fiverr experience since joining three months ago.

I just completed my best month yet… making $1,506 in April. And I did it by working 38% FEWER jobs.

My advice to new Sellers. Once you get to Level 1 and then Level 2, start slowly raising your prices. You’ll see that your income will go up, while the amount of gigs goes down.

My first month, I completed 44 gigs for about $790. So my average was just under $18 per gig.

April, 2017 saw my average gig at over $68 — with two of them over $300!

Keep plugging away and soon you’ll see that you’ll be working “less” but making more money.

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Do you find that your customer integrity changes as you raise your prices? What I mean is, are the quality of and repeat customers you have differ from lower priced gigs?

I do think so. I have quite a few repeat customers, and I have been very fortunate to have some great “one-timers” as well.

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