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Red alert for newbie Sellers!


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Catagory Issue

(I do not know, which category will be best for this topic, I appreciate anyone’s help to recategorize)

Hello everyone,

Recently I am experiencing some weird request on BR section. I know who are they and why they are requesting. I just wanted to alert newbies who have the risk getting involved in this kind of request for high price 🙂

Few Buyers are recently asking to complete small tasks in high price, and they are providing links/text/files which isn’t compatible with the work. The interesting thing is, those archive files contains adware and ransomwares, and you need to extract/unzip to see your requirements, and if you are going to unzip, you will be affected immediately.

If you’re affected, you may lose every single data on your computer.(by an automatic encryption)

I think these scammers are in every category, so think before you accept the request of suspicious buyers 🙂

Here are some screenshots:


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